Thursday, January 08, 2009

Rotten news: Katyushas strike Nahariya, in North

Quotes copied from Jameel's crew here:

Reshet B reports. Katyusha rockets falling in Israel's North on the town of Nahariya. At least 3 rockets in the barrage.
. . .
9:00 AM This morning's attack up North hit a Nursing Home.
. . .
11:22 AM Reports that Katyushas fired this morning from next to UNIFIL base.
. . .
2:59 PM Finally, someone takes credit for this morning's Katyusha strike on Israel's north. The PFLP-GC which takes orders from Damascus seems to be behind the rocket attack on Israel."

Aussie Dave reports:

10:06AM: Current toll from Nahariya Katusha attack: 3 injured, 14 suffering shock.
. . .
11:55AM: The IDF Spokesman in the GOC Northern Command:

“The rocket fire on the Western Galilee was carried out by Palestinian elements in Lebanon, wishing to drag Israel into war.

Israel holds the Lebanese government and its army responsible for thwarting any fire on Israel.”

. . .

1:38PM: The Home Front Command has instructed all municipalities in the North to open their bomb shelters.

For the latest news and views concerning the Gaza War, read Jameel's & Aussie Dave's blogs for live updates, the IDF spokesperson's blog for official updates, & Jack's blog for round-ups of links to Gaza-War articles & posts.


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